Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dare to Think Beyond the US for PhD in Economics?

The admission to PhD program in Economics in the United States is becoming increasingly difficult over time. It is prudent therefore to apply to PhD programs in Europe, UK and Latin America. Some of the schools in these regions have excellent programs to offer. Arguably, it is easier to get into an US-equivalent school in other countries. These schools also provide funding. There is no denying however that the US remains the best single choice for those who aspire to get a PhD degree in Economics.

Check out this link. This link provides links to several other websites that have relevant information about PhD admission in Economics around the world (mainly US though).The website clarifies that the guide was mainly written about US programs, it does nonetheless provide some information about programs outside the US. At least it makes you aware that there are good programs outside the US.

Interestingly the article also points out that, using some data, in terms of GRE score, Economics is fourth most difficult program to get admission to, after Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.

It indeed seems to be a very useful link. Don't forget this blog though :)


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