Thursday, October 20, 2011

Latex: A very useful tool for graduate students

Today I am going to discuss about Latex. This is a surprisingly strong tool for graduate students. A graduate student needs a better editor than Microsoft word to write papers, third year paper and the dissertation. It's very difficult to write cumbersome equations in word which is sometime impossible or at least very painful to write in word. The formatting is also a painful in word. Latex is a very good document writing tool which produces high quality document in PDF format. It can write nice looking equations for you, automatically put equation numbers and so much more!
All you need is to install some latex writing package such as MIKTEX and a text editor such as TEXNIC center. And then you can find some free e-books about latex and learn yourself. It's very easy and doesn't take more than a few hours in order to gain dexterity in writing the codes which will finally produce the nice looking document.
And not only that- you can also produce slides, the power point presentations for paper and seminar presentations. More information about it can be found out wikipedia at this link. Questions are welcome!!!

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