Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An useful article for PhD aspirants

Hi Guys,

It has been a while since I have been away however I made every attempt to answer any questions and queries that have been posted on the blog.
Recently I came across a very useful article which answers some very important and frequently asked questions. It also mentions the useful resources and blogs that gives you information regarding admission and scholarships. The article's title is

'25 Q&A Sites for PhD Program Information and Requirements'

Check it out

Most of the students have already joined their programs this year. They can share your experience which may help other students. They would also have some questions related to their stay, or courses or grades... don't hesitate to post your question.


  1. Hi Chandan:

    I am graduate student of Economics and have just completed my masters from Presidency University (formerly Presidency College, India). Currently I am working as a research associate to Prof. Sugat Marjit at Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, India. I plan to apply for PhD programme in Economics US and Australia for the session 2012. I am mailing you regarding this.

    A brief introduction about myself would go like this:

    Secondary Examination--84%--First Class Marks
    Higher Secondary Examination--88%--FIrst Class Marks
    Undergraduation--66%--First Class, Ranked 9th (among 1500 students) in University of Calcutta
    Graduation--82%--First Class, Ranked First in University
    Graduation Special Papers: Econometrics and Financial Economics
    GRE Score--1400 (Q=750, V=650)

    Currently writing a couple of Papers on issues like Governance & Informality and on Status Utility.

    Research Interest: Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics

    Given these information could you let me know whether I have chances of getting though the PHD programme (with financial aid) at US School ?


  2. Yes.. you certainly have chances to get admission with financial aid. Just make sure you apply to right schools.

  3. Thanks Chandan!

    Can u pls suggest a few schools which i should apply to given my profile....

  4. This depends on your area of interest. However visit some ranking website of economics departments. And then choose a few universities from top 100 and some universities which have ranks around 150 on safer side. You might also apply to a few ambitious universities which will rank around 50 for you. It would be very difficult to name any particular university.

  5. You really deserve to get a PhD degree. With grades like that I’m pretty sure you will contribute significant studies in the society. Intelligence is really a gift. You have to use it wisely for the common good. No offense but I’m really curious on why and what make you decide to choose this kind of study or specialty?

  6. Sorry Chandan, I want to ask from punarjit this question that why he has chosen to do his PhD in Economics. BTW Chandan, your given link about "25 Q&A Sites for PhD Program Information" is excellent help. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. this article is very nice. thanks for this . I will come back soon.

    my website is a educational website about PHD. I think u can learn a lot from this.