Friday, March 4, 2011

Admission Results Out

Hi All,

Most of you have been waiting for admission results for last couple of days now. The admission results of universities are being declared so watch your mails and check your admission status online. A few universities which have declared admission results are

SUNY Buffalo
Kansas State University
Georgetown University
Emory University
Northwestern University
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
University of Maryland
Washington University
Boston College
New York University

Though best of my knowledge these universities have declared admission decisions, applicants must verify them. This post is simply to inform that results are being declared. Some of you might have accepted, some rejected and some may be on wait-list. If you are on wait-list, don't hesitate to write email to graduate director of your program about your status and if you are really interested in the program let them know. You can try to increase your chances of admission and assistantship by contacting them now.

All the best!!!

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