Saturday, February 19, 2011

BTR 3 - Basic Econometrics by D. N. Gujarati

The third book in the series is
Basic Econometrics by D. N. Gujarati
This book is also very easy to understand book. Before reading this book all you need to know is simple statistics. Any basic level of statistics would be good in order to comprehend this book. Some advanced statistical techniques that a reader may not have had in his basic course on statistics but are needed to comprehend the book thoroughly; has been provided in the Appendix of the book.
The book contains all the basic necessary econometrics concepts in order to prepare its readers for graduate level econometrics courses. As the name suggests it’s a basic econometrics book but it certainly does not leave out any important concepts. However more rigorous proofs may have been omitted sometimes.
The book begins with the introduction to econometrics and linear regression and proceeds to non-linear regression, time-series and econometric models. The book has several examples related to theories of economics. It also has a number of problems at the end of each chapter.
In all this is a nicely written book on basic econometrics and recommended for beginners.

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