Monday, January 10, 2011

Universities with Low GRE Score Requirement

Recently lots of applicants have been searching for the key term: low gre universities. Though it’s tough to list universities which have low GRE requirement, I have tried to enlist some universities where a GRE score of around 1100 can be good for admission. Remember that other credentials also count for admission and hence simply having a GRE score of 1100 by no means, guarantees admission. Most of these universities also have extended deadlines so these are good for those who have written GRE very late, say by the end of January or even middle of February.

The list of the universities:

Texas Tech University

Oklahoma State University

University of South Florida

Northern Illinois University

Georgia Institute of Technology

University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Northeastern University

University of Central Florida

Please note that GRE requirement vary from year to year. Hence applicants are advised to contact the present students at the university to enquire about the recent GRE requirements especially of the previous year. Most of the universities have their PhD students email address on their website.

I hope this is useful for those who for some reason could not score well in GRE. Please follow the blog if you find it useful and ask questions that you think should be addressed.



  1. hi, thanks a lot for this blog!
    My GRE scores are: Q730 V510 and AWA4.5
    how do you think these would fair? I am planning to take the new gre in august. any thoughts on that?

  2. Your overall score is okay but quant seems to be poor. You can write GRE again and try to improve your quant score. And of course, GRE is just one component which determines chances of admission, other things matter too.

  3. My Gre score :Q 750, V 590
    Do you think that i have any chances to be accepted with TA in an economics PhD?

  4. I have a score of 159(750)in quant,150(450)in verbal and 5/6 in awa in the revised gre. How do you think this fairs for admission in 2013? I was aiming at Wisconsin Madison, Penn state and Brown. But since the score is low, im not sure what other universities to apply to. Any suggestions? My academic profile otherwise is quite strong (avg of 85% throughout - schooling, undergrad,masters) with good recommendations.

  5. I don't know where you have Masters from, and so I can't suggest the university names. Your masters matters a lot for PhD admission. All I can say is you should also submit your application to universities with ranks below 100, may be around 150 or so. You will have fair chances of being accpted.

  6. Thanks a lot Chandan! I have done my masters from Madras School of Economics, Chennai and have worked as a business analyst for 2 years post my master's.

  7. I have given gre in the new pattern with 144 in verbal and 150 in quant .
    can you please help me out with what universities should i target for Computer Science?
    how would you rate the northeastern uni ?

    1. Frankly speaking, I do not have much idea about Computer science program. However I know some of the students from computer science and your score seems to be decent for computer science program. You should contact the students from the universities you are planning to apply to. Ask them about the program and GRE score requirements as well as funding opportunities. They would be able to give you better information which should be very helpful. You can find their contact information (email id's) on the university website.

  8. you are doing a fab job in this blog. Keep up the good work and this is really informative!

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  10. I have given gre in new pattern ,Quant -151 ,verbal - 142 AWA - 3.0 , undergrad GPA : 4.0 on 4.0 scale, TOEFL-95 ,
    Will i get in Northeastern University Computer Science Program?

  11. Chirag, frankly speaking I have no idea about the admission prospects in computer science program. Also I'm not up-to-date with new scoring pattern of GRE, so I would suggest you to email the current students of the university you are applying to with such questions. They would be a in a much better situation to tell you what are your odds of securing admission in that university.

  12. You're doing some really good job here on this blog. Thanks a lot for providing such informative content.
    I recently sat for GRE and scored 165 in verbal, 166 in quantitative. My TOEFL score is 117. I want to apply to schools outside the US which are nearer home, such as National University of Singapore and Monash for the doctoral program in economics. I was wondering if you could illuminate on the relative strengths of each factor in the admission process such as test scores, letters of recommendation, personal statement, research proposal and previous academic record. In other words, I want to know which factor plays the most decisive role and can reinforce the application when other aspects of the application are not strong enough.

  13. Thanks, Tazia.

    Your GRE scores are very good. Although the importance of different factors for admission varies across departments, in the US, recommendation letters are highly valued. So just make sure you get the recommendation letters from the people who know you and are going to write positive things about you. Also, spend a bit of time in writing SOP - be as persuasive you can be, making sure not to sound incredulous. Depending on where you did your Masters from and the strength of your letters of recommendation, my guess is that news will be positive for you.

    Good luck!