Sunday, January 9, 2011

DS-160 Form and Visa Fee

The way I have been listing the visa process, completing the form DS-160 is the third and probably the lengthiest steps among all the steps during the visa process. The first two steps being I-20 form and SEVIS fee. The DS-160 form can also be filled up online, click here to fill it up online. However, before filling it up online don’t forget to read the instructions given on the page.

Also this is going to take some time, the best thing however, is that you don’t need to complete the form in a single attempt rather you can save your work in halfway and retrieve the application. You can save and exit and return back to your form as many times as you want. In order to fill up DS-160 form, you will need following documents so keep them ready with you.

1. Passport

2. Application photo: you will need an application photo to be uploaded at the website. This photo has to meet certain requirements listed here. You can get this photo from your mobile or laptop and check in the system if it is accepted. If it’s accepted you can proceed with the application. You may also want to contact professional photographers for the photo.

3. Receipt of the SEVIS fee

Again, make sure that there is a printer ready such that you can get the print of the confirmation page. This confirmation page would be required when you go for visa interview. If you want you can print the compete form for your records but that is not necessary. At the end of the application don’t forget to print the barcode. The print out should be taken from a laser printer which is not a problem since now a days almost all the printers are laser printers.

Once you have completed the DS-160 form online, you can proceed with the next step of paying the visa fee. The visa fee can be paid normally only to the designated branches of a particular bank in your home country. Hence in different countries, visa fees have to be paid to different banks. You need to find it yourself on the website of the Embassy of the United States in your country. To make the payment of visa fee you will need your passport and a copy of it. Validating the visa fee payment may also take 2-3 business days. Only after that you can get appointment for visa interview.

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  1. i have no idea if i could relate my dilemma with this article but i hope to get some help :(
    my problem is i got an appointment with my first ds160 form but after getting an appointment i realised that i have made some minor mistakes in the i filled another ds160 form which i submitted electronically.i have the confirmation page with question is can i take the correct form with me on interview day along with the mistaken one and will the embassy keeps record of how many times has a candidate filled the form?do they have the record of person who have filled multiple ds160 form but not scheduled an appointment?

  2. I am clueless about that. But if I were you I would schedule another appointment with the new DS-160 form. You can also email them. The email address can be found on their website and they reply fast.

  3. my mother and father in law went to the bank to pay there visa fee. they had thier confermation page and the bank said they needed another form as well.I ahve no idea what else they need. Can someone hel[p

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